Sunday, August 26, 2018

Anak: The TRAIN Law Edition

I found this video which dubbed the film Anak's confrontation scene between Vilma Santos and Claudine Barreto into Ilonggo. Instead of the high octane argument over a mother's lack of time for her children because she chose to work abroad to give her children a good life, this parody took the very real consequences of the TRAIN law on regular Filipinos. 

The daughter now complains that their meal now consists of eggplant day in, day out. The mother claims that she does cook meat--once a year, the daughter counters. Once a month, the mother says. And even then the little amount of meat is swimming in about 3 liters of water. It's all pretty funny if it weren't also a painful reminder that a lot of people probably will have (or already had) arguments with their own families about how they can no longer afford certain things even if they arguably have more take home pay now. 

I don't speak Ilonggo, but it's easy to get the context and drift of the scene's dialogue. Almost sure that this would be funnier if I could understand every word. All in all a really good subversion of how the government messes up our lives. Props to the owner of the video, Val TV on Facebook. 

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