Monday, November 5, 2018

Part Time Suweldo

May sweldo na! 

It's been a busy couple of months. Today we return to the daily grind with three bits of news: 

  1. Metro Manila workers get a Php25 pay hike.  The Department of Labor secretary said that the hike will take effect "15 days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation." The amount is ~3.48% of the Metro Manila minimum wage. That percentage is usually the same amount of annual increases we get in the Part Time Hourly Wage. I'm just not sure that we will get an additional increase as mandated by this bit of news. I guess we will see in two weeks time. 
  2. May suweldo na today!* We will get our 4th paycheck of the term. I checked with the bank app and there is an amount credited to the payroll account. Suweldo now is ~the same amount I used to get pre-TRAIN. It seems like the deductions made for voluntarily signing up with the HMO, the whole amount of which used to be deducted within the first term, has been spread maybe through out the year? Maybe some people felt the burden of paying for healthcare in one term as too heavy and requested it to be parceled out more evenly.
  3. Load for next term. I'm actually surprised that Part Timers will still be getting more or less a consisted full load for the coming term despite the prediction that the K-12 effect will result in lesser teaching load. Although not all schools are like this and I still don't want to count on this being consistent. Heard the news from Sir W that in CoRK, they're expecting only one subject load or maybe none at all. So this full load is still a blessing in the sky, I guess. 
*This is a message that's always greeted with a thumbs up or smileys in the Part Time Group Chat. You can feel the anxiety when people start to ask when payday is coming. But usually I get an alert that some money is coming in because it seems people are always on alert for this.