Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Full Time Trading

Rafael Roces, 24, full time stock trader

Entrepreneur has this interesting article about a young full time trader who spoke at Investagram's Inspire PH event. 

While most people envision traders and brokers as mostly middle aged men, Rafael Roces (known by his Investa handle scraffycoco) is 24, started trading while still in college in 2016.

He was studying to become a doctor, taking the NMAT and all, but he thought he could become a better trader rather than a doctor. In his first year of trading, he was down 40% using his father's money. So what he did was to study and establish a system. The eight week trading course at Caylum Institute costs Php100k, but like all sorts of learning, one needs to invest time, money and practice.  He's now also studying to become a licensed broker, and is now affiliated with a securities company. By December of last year, was managing a 7-digit portfolio. 

It's really inspiring to read about a young person learning about money and investments as early as being in college. He's also lucky that he has the opportunity to focus on deep learning. I suppose if one really is interested in being good at something, you put everything you have in it. 

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